Noel Gallagher and Son Mocked 'Drunk Fat' Fans Wearing Pink at 'Barbie' Showing
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The former Oasis member bonded with his son at a movie showing by ridiculing 'Barbie' fans who showed up at the theatre wearing vibrant-colored outfits.

AceShowbiz - Noel Gallagher has begun going to the cinema again for the first time in years - and said he bonded with his sons by mocking a "sea" of "drunk fat birds" dressed in pink at a "Barbie" showing.

The ex-Oasis rocker, 56, who announced he split from his wife Sara MacDonald, 52, in January, has boys Donovan, 16, and Sonny, 13, with her - as well as his 23-year-old daughter Anais from his first marriage to 57-year-old Meg Mathews.

He told his friend Matt Morgan on his podcast about seeing the "Barbie" viewers on a recent trip to the cinema with his boys, "In a real moment with my two sons, we were at the cinema in Portsmouth, and there were a few people hovering for photographs."

"And as we were stood milling round they were kicking out 'Barbie', the 7 o'clock showing of Barbie. And as this sea of middle-aged women and girls in pink came flooding through the forecourt we just looked at each other and went, 'Good God.' And it was a real bonding moment. And I could see Donovan going, 'For (God's) sake'… there was drunk fat birds in pink cowboy hats."

Noel added about how he also saw "Oppenheimer", but ended up shocked by its sex scenes. He said, "I saw 'Oppenheimer'. There was a bit of gratuitous (sex) in it - there was no need for it. There were just naked birds. It was like, 'Oh, Oppenheimer never had sex!' "

Noel said he has only recently gone back to the cinema in the wake of his marriage split, as he added the last thing he went to see on the big screen before "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" was 2013's "The Wolf of Wall Street".

He added, "The last thing I went to see might have been 'The Wolf Of Wall Street, because everything that's on at the cinema is a lot of (rubbish.)" He also said he hated the latest "Indiana Jones" film and mocked 81-year-old Harrison Ford's age in the movie.

Noel added about watching "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny", which came out in June, "Harrison Ford looked as old as Archimedes. (In the film) they find Archimedes and he has a watch on. They time travel and find Harrison has given him his watch. I don't (care) about time travel - it's the stupidest thing."

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