Danny Cipriani's Wife Filled With 'Self-Loathing' While Listening to Taylor Swift Following Split

In an Instagram post, Victoria Cipriani has opened up about her emotional struggles after she called it quits with her husband Danny following two years of marriage.

AceShowbiz - Victoria Cipriani collapsed "on the floor in the fetal position listening to Taylor Swift" following her shock split from husband Danny Cipriani. Last month, Danny, 36, posted on Instagram to share that he and Victoria, 42, were divorcing after two years of marriage and while Victoria admitted to being heartbroken, she has insisted she is trying her best to move on.

"The purpose of this post is to share my journey and provide solace to others who may be going through similar experiences. It is important to remember that even if you feel alone, you are not," she wrote on Instagram.

"This season can be challenging and emotionally taxing for everyone. I understand that some may perceive this as an excessive divulgence, but if my words can offer solace or aid to someone, I am compelled to share. We are connected, and what does it say about us if we cannot lend a hand to one another?"

"...I have found myself deeply submerged in the process of healing. There have been moments when I've awoken without an understanding of the day or time, and I've grappled with self-isolation and profound self-loathing, shame, guilt and loneliness."

"I've even ended up on the floor in the fetal position listening to Taylor Swift, haha. Which I think every woman can resonate with. I've experienced a tidal wave of emotions that I've had no choice but to sit through and suffer. While I have not yet fully emerged on the other side, I am steadily progressing toward that destination."

"I had to go inward, and I had to delve into my inner self, which was challenging. I had to sit with my inner child, who experienced abandonment and rejection and relinquish control. I had to surrender until I achieved a sense of complete acceptance and peace. Healing is a beautiful experience."

Victoria has vowed to "love myself" and she celebrated by taking herself on a "date in London" over the weekend. She wrote, "Today, I took myself on a date in London. I danced with strangers on the street, spilt coffee on my new shoes, and stumbled upon a charming old lady who noticed I had cake smeared all over my face, and we ended up having the most unexpected and heartfelt chat. I also got the wrong train home."

"These moments, raw and tender, shape my perspective in ways I never imagined. Every wound can heal. Your heart is always whole; it's the messy, tangled parts that make the journey so uniquely beautiful. My awareness is creating a stillness, and I'm enjoying the space."

"We are all have come to understand that our hearts do not truly break, but instead, they crack open to allow more love to flow in. This perspective has shifted my understanding of pain and heartache. Instead of seeing these experiences as something to be avoided or feared, I now see them as opportunities for growth and expansion."

"When our hearts crack open, it is a sign that we are ready to receive more love, compassion, and understanding. It is through these cracks that the light of our true being can shine through. It is through these cracks that we can connect more deeply with ourselves and with others."

"In this position of openness and vulnerability, we can heal and transform. We can abandon old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. We can release the pain and embrace the lessons that come with it. We can cultivate a more profound sense of self-love and acceptance."

"It is in these moments of cracking open that we have the opportunity to grow and evolve. We can choose to let love in, to let it fill the spaces within us that were once filled with pain and sorrow. We can see our cracks as beautiful reminders of our capacity to love and be loved. The only no-negotiable that I have the do now is continue to love ... myself."

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