Amanda Kloots Quips About Entering 'Taylor Swift Era' and Looking for Her Own Travis Kelce

Nick Cordero's widow wants someone 'tall, dark, and handsome' as she is ready to enter dating game, roughly three years after her husband died from Covid-19.

AceShowbiz - Amanda Kloots is looking forward to dating again. The 41-year-old dancer's husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero, tragically lost his life in July 2020, three months after he was hospitalised with COVID-19 complications, and she joked she is in her "Taylor Swift Era" and looking for someone "tall, dark and handsome."

"I know you just spoke about dating again and your dating life on 'The Talk' so I'm curious. What does this next era look like for Amanda Kloots? Oh, this is like my Taylor Swift Era? I don't know, is it... I don't know -- tall dark and handsome era?" she told Entertainment Tonight when asked how she feels about dating.

Presenter Denny Directo then quipped, "You're trying to find your Travis Kelce?" Amanda replied, "Yeah, it's my Travis Kelce era." "The Talk" star - who has four-year-old Elvis with Nick - then asked Denny if he could "be a matchmaker" for her.

Meanwhile, Amanda and her son are planning to have a relaxing Christmas in California. She said, "We are going up to Napa with my whole family and I'm gonna be teaching fitness. We're gonna be at a beautiful resort and just gonna have a Napa holiday."

The fitness expert recently spoke of how much her little boy reminds her of his late father. She said, "There are times where Elvis is in his playroom playing the drums and then he'll tell me to play the drums and he gets on his guitar and he's playing his little kids guitar. It's bonkers just the way his legs are, just the way his head nods. I mean, everything -- I'm just like, 'Wow, you are your dad for sure.' "

Amanda also recently admitted she's preparing for Elvis' grief to hit because he has previously been too young to understand the concept of death. She told People magazine, "There have been some times where he has gotten sad where we're talking about Nick and he says, 'But Dada died,' And then he'll get very, very sad, which is heartbreaking as a parent, obviously."

"Because in a way, I haven't had yet to deal too much with Elvis' grief. It's coming, and that'll be a whole new layer for me and my grief and helping him get through that and understanding that. So that's coming up for me. I know it's not probably too long away."

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