'The Voice' Recap: 12 Singers Take the Stage for First Live Show Performances

Airing on Monday, December 4, the new episode of the long-running NBC show featured the singers hitting the stage for Live Shows hoping to impress the judges and the viewers.

AceShowbiz - The new episode of "The Voice" marks the first time for the Top 12 artists to perform live after going through several rounds before. Airing on Monday, December 4, the episode featured the singers hitting the stage for Live Shows hoping to impress the judges and the viewers.

Kicking off the night was Team Reba McEntire's Jacquie Roar, who sang "Wildflowers and Wild Horses". Season 25 coach Chance The Rapper, who helped the singers during rehearsal, assured Jacquie when she was struggling to make the song her own. Coach Niall Horan thought Jacquie looked the most comfortable that night, while Gwen Stefani called the performance "cool" and "tasteful."

Following it up, Team Niall's Nini Iris hit the stage to sing "Lovesong". While Chance loved Nini's runs, he advised her to "play it straight" through the first verse. John thought that Nini was one of the biggest talents in the competition and praised her for her "star power on stage." As for Niall, he was impressed by Nini's confidence.

Later, the first singer of Team Gwen was Kara Tenae, who opted to sing "Love" by Keyshia Cole. Chance and Gwen helped Kara with the vocal structure to make her performance more dynamic. John said that Kara nailed the song, which he dubbed a classic R&B song. Gwen thought that Kara "adds an audience" every time she takes the stage.

Tanner Massey, another singer in Team Gwen, chose to perform "Thnks fr th Mmrs" by Fall Out Boy for his first performance on the Live Shows. Chance told Tanner that it would be better for Tanner to learn the original pitch of the song first so he would have the foundation. Reba noticed that Tanner had improved throughout the competition. Gwen told Tanner that she's rooting for him.

Lila Forde from Team John was up next. She took the stage to sing "Closer to Fine" while playing the piano. Niall was impressed by Lila's "insane ability" to make words sound like her own. John agreed with Niall, saying that Lila was the first performance of the night where the artist made it like it was her own concert.

Team Reba's Ruby Leigh followed it up, singing "You Lie". Chance was as impressed with Ruby and helped her work on a few pitch issues. After watching her performance, Niall said that he got goosebumps and that he loved the way Ruby performed the songs. Reba, meanwhile, was moved to tears and told her she "blew it out of the water."

Huntley, Team Niall's singer, took the stage to dedicate a song to his mom through his rendition of "With a Little Help from My Friends". John called Huntley's voice was "so powerful." Niall also loved the performance, which he called a "different league" of performance compared to the rehearsal.

Azan then sang "Ex-Factor" with John advising her to give "a little reprieve from the intensity." Gwen, meanwhile, appreciated that Azan reworked the song. John also noted her "passion and emotion" in the performance and added that she looked radiant on the stage.

Concluding the night was Team Reba's singer Jordan Rainer, who performed his rendition of "Stranger in My House". Niall told Jordan that he had a "gravitational pull" as a performer, adding that his performance "was so cool to watch." Reba, meanwhile, dubbed Jordan a star.

The results will be revealed in the Tuesday, December 4 episode of "The Voice". Eight singers will be automatically sent to season 24 Semi-Finals, while the rest will have to compete for the Instant Save.

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