Video: Ari Lennox Escorted Off Stage After Tearing Into Audience for Throwing Stuff at Her

The 'Get Close' songstress goes off on the audience after someone threw an object at her during her performance at Rod Wave's concert, before her mic gets cut off and security intervenes.

AceShowbiz - Ari Lennox doesn't let a disrespectful person slide away with their act. The R&B artist has been caught on camera tearing into the audience at a show for throwing stuff at her, before she walked off the stage.

In a video circulating online, the 32-year-old stopped her performance to unleash her anger and frustration over the disrespectful act. "Who did it, b***h?" she demanded to know, scanning the audience for the culprit.

Ari continued lashing out, "Who f**kin' did it? Come here, b***h. You're a p***y, you're dumb, you're weak. You'll never be..." Her words trailed off as her microphone was abruptly cut off.

Meanwhile, a man, possibly a member of the security crew, got on the stage to intervene. She still continued her rant even after her microphone was turned off, before she was eventually escorted off the stage without any incident.

It's unclear what object was thrown at Ari that upset her, but according to a person who posted the video on social media, the culprit did it on purpose because they didn't want to see her perform. "Kids lame as hell they threw s**t at Ari Lennox to get off stage, cause they want rod wave," the said person wrote along with the clip.

Many have quickly jumped to Ari's defense, with one suggesting, "She needs to leave this tour . Not because she isn't good because ari is amazing , this just isn't a fit for her . I don't like this for her at all." Another echoed the sentiment, "This is so wrong. She was just talking about how much of a disconnect she's been having with his fans. Strictly r&b tours from here on Ari! Let them have that!"

A third defended the "Pressure" hitmaker for tearing into the audience, "& she's WELL within her rights because who tf raised some of y’all!? What do you get out of throwing things at people you paid to see?! S**t is CRAZY!" Another added, "I hate when y'all try Ari. She don't be bothering nobody," as a fifth person weighed in, "Y'all done pissed off sweet ole Ari Lennox. The electric chair for whoever threw that at her."

Ari has been billed as one of supporting acts for Rod Wave's North American tour which kicked off on October 19. She has not publicly addressed the disrespectful treatment from the rapper's fan.

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