Jamie Lynn Spears Banned by Britney From Talking About Her on 'I'm a Celebrity'
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According to a new report, the 'Toxic' hitmaker warns her sister Jamie Lynn from mentioning her name on the show as they're trying to rebuild their relationship.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Lynn Spears avoided mentioning her sister Britney Spears on "I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here" for a reason. According to a new report, Britney banned Jamie Lynn from mentioning her name as they're trying to rebuild their relationship.

"Britney banned Jamie Lynn from talking about her," a source told Daily Mail. "She told her to, for once, make her money without feeling the need to use her sister’s name to get a contract. For Jamie Lynn's entire career, every show, every appearance, every interview is Britney, Britney, Britney. It's just sad."

Prior to this, Jamie Lynn tearfully talked about her self-esteem issues on FOX's "Special Forces: World's Toughest Test". "The producers used it as an opportunity for her to dish on Britney and she did, tears and all. It was perfect for what they needed out of her," the source continued.

"Britney told Jamie Lynn when she was cast on 'I'm A Celebrity' that she does not want to hear her crying again about how she was always living in her sisters shadows. Jamie Lynn has played that record so many times already Britney just wants her to keep her name out of it," the insider added.

Jamie Lynn did what her sister wanted as she referred to herself as a "singer and actress" who took the show as an "opportunity to be myself." In her introductory video, she said, "I'm best known for being an actress and a singer. I have been doing it since I could basically walk." She added, "There is literally every misconception you can have on a person about me so I don’t take any of it seriously. But I do think going on 'I’m A Celebrity' will be a nice way for people to see the real me."

The new report arrived after Jamie Lynn seemingly refused to name Britney during a rather awkward conversation with Josie Gibson, who asked Jamie Lynn about her music career. "Who got you into music then?" Josie asked, to which Jamie Lynn replied, "I've always kind of been into music, you know what I mean?"

Josie, however, continued trying to make her co-star name her famous sister as she added, "Very musical family, aren't you?" and the "Sweet Magnolias" actress only replied with a simple "yeah."

Trying to keep pressing Jamie Lynn, Josie further asked, "Was your grandma into it?" To that, the "Zoey 101" alum who responded, "My mom played the piano a lot." Josie eventually gave up as Jamie Lynn appeared to be so dead set about not mentioning the "...Oops! I Did It Again" hitmaker.

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