Video: Jennifer Lawrence Shocked by Wardrobe Malfunction at Saks Fifth Avenue Lighting Ceremony

The 'Don't Look Up' star covers her mouth with her hands as she gasps in embarrassment when her popped-off belt makes a loud sound at the New York City event.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lawrence has fallen victim to a wardrobe malfunction at a public event. The Oscar-winning actress was left shocked when her belt popped off at Saks Fifth Avenue holiday lighting ceremony in New York City.

At the event on Monday, November 20, the 33-year-old was on hand to unveil the Saks Fifth Avenue and Dior 'Carousel of Dreams' 2023 holiday window displays. She was about to deliver her speech when her belt popped off and fell to the ground.

Realizing the mishap, the Katniss Everdeen of "The Hunger Games" film series gasped as she covered her mouth with her two hands in embarrassment. "I'm so sorry, that was so loud! My belt popped off," she apologetically said to the those in attendance, who were not mad at all as they were heard laughing at Jennifer's unfortunate situation.

The mother of one managed to handle the situation like a pro though as she proceeded to deliver her speech like nothing had happened. "Thank you to Dior and Saks," she said when introducing the display. "I've had the honor being a part of the Dior family for quite some time now. And looking around it feels like the perfect place to celebrate the holidays. Thank you again for having me, it's so exciting."

For the event, Jennifer kept herself warm in a sophisticated black coat over a white button-up shirt, with a black belt wrapped around her waist. She looked chic with diamond rings and a silver bracelet as her accessories, while her blonde tresses were held back with a classic black headband.

Following the wardrobe malfunction, Jennifer happily posed with the incredible festive and lavish window displays in the background. The light extravaganza spanned across the 10-story building and featured installations in-store and 300,000 LED lights.

Per Women's Wear Daily that posted the video of Jennifer's wardrobe malfunction on its Instagram page, the feat took "100 artisans, 10 months in planning and involved designing and manufacturing objects in Italy" and "flying them to New York to install." The windows will stay up through January 5, 2024.

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