DaBaby Doesn't Regret Getting Canceled After Homophobic Rant Despite Losing $200M

When reflecting on his huge financial loss, the 'Rockstar' rapper says he feels like he 'needed this season' because it 'will make [him] way more happier as a person and much more of a man for the remainder of [his] life.'

AceShowbiz - DaBaby suffered a huge financial loss following his homophobic rant at the 2021 Rolling Loud. However, the "Rockstar" rapper said he "doesn't regret" his action and even sees the situation as a "blessing."

The 31-year-old made the honest confession when speaking on Shannon Sharpe's show, "Club Shay Shay". He said, "I don't regret anything that I done been through and it feels good to say that and really mean it…It's like 'Boy I wish I had …$200 million, y'all robbed me,' I don't feel like that."

"I really feel like that's a blessing in my life," the emcee added. "And I just came to that realization and in the past two weeks I feel like I needed this season I had to endure and that will make me way more happier as a person and much more of a man for the remainder of my life."

DaBaby also reflected, "Had I not been forced to sit my a** down and self-reflect cause I still didn't sit down even when it took place, I'm fighting I'm fighting it... 'Nah that ain't what is'... it took for God to [say] sit yo a** down." He continued, "It took that for me to get to a point ok where I'm comfortable within my situation and the results that I got."

"And now let me explore what took place to get me here and ok now let me explore what shape me into the person that I am to even put me in this situation and cause me to go about the situation the way I went about it," he further elaborated. "I got the knowledge of how to do better with these situations and do better with these emotions and traumatic experiences of what have you- pain and trauma and move forward in a much healthier and better manner."

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