Patrick Stewart Dishes on How His Life Was Saved After Going on Downward Spiral

The 'X-Men' actor opens up on how his life was saved after he turned to pills and alcohol to cope when he 'lost' his way in his 50s following his split from wife.

AceShowbiz - Sir Patrick Stewart needed a therapy after "losing his way" in his 50s. The 83-year-old veteran actor had recently separated from wife Sheila Falconer - with whom he has Daniel, 56, and 51-year-old Sophie - in the early 1990s and soon turned to alcohol and pills to cope but found his way out of the dark time with professional help.

"I felt my life had lost its way. Sleeping pills, yes. Alcohol, yes. They became a part of my life. But, eventually, I became able to deal with that. Again, that's the advantage of beautiful therapy - that you can talk to someone," he said in his new memoir, "Making It So".

"Of course, most of the time they say, 'And how did that make you feel? What was that like?' You know, I think most of us spiral downward from time to time. There are moments when we ask questions of ourselves, unfairly perhaps. My hope is that it's all behind me."

The "X-Men" star has had a strained relationship with his family over the years and recalled that there were times when he "hated" his father - who struggled with alcoholism during his life 0 but wishes now that he was around to sit and talk to him.

He told The Observer, "There were years when I hated my father so deeply and feared him, too. My self-discipline - sometimes at a cost. But the impact of him, the subtle impact, I have only come to understand. This is the result of 25, 30 years of therapy. I wish so, so much to be able to sit down with him. To say, 'OK, I'm 83 now, you're 100 and whatever, let's talk.' "

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