Bethenny Frankel Blasts 'Desperate' Carole Radziwill Over 'White Savior Complex' Diss
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The 'Real Housewives of New York City' alum deems her former co-star 'desperate' and 'stupid' after the latter commented on her giving her used makeup products to a TJ Maxx employee.

AceShowbiz - Bethenny Frankel has clapped back at Carole Radziwill over her recent diss. The ex-cast member of "The Real Housewives of New York City" deemed her former co-star "desperate" after the latter's "white savior complex" shade.

Through a TikTok video she uploaded on Sunday, September 17, the 52-year-old former Bravolebrity gave her reaction to Carole's offensive remarks. In the clip, she bluntly pointed out, "The truth is, they just make themselves look really stupid and really desperate."

In the beginning of the video, Bethenny addressed Carole's comment. "A former housewife said that because I brought a bag of makeup to women at TJ Maxx that it was white savior complex. She said one word, 'white savior complex,' which that's three words," she recalled.

"But someone emailed me and said, 'That's actually racist to say that to you.' I didn't know what the term meant specifically, and then I went and educated myself and looked it up. But it's saying that I am trying to be a white savior to people of color by bringing them makeup," she explained. "It was a group of women that I brought the makeup to, many of whom I don't know. Meaning I gave it to one person to give to a group. So it's not even factual."

"We're just in this time where people just want to say something provocative so people can jump on and the mob can come," Bethenny further stated. "And it's like everyone's just trying to come up with some great catchphrase that they can criticize you of."

"One person said I was cosplaying being poor by going to TJ Maxx. I've been going to TJ Maxx for decades," she claimed. "Like, it's just people think that they can sit behind a keyboard with this terminology and then go criticize someone, and they just hope that they're gonna put the bait on the hook and everybody's gonna jump for the fishing rod."

Bethenny's statement came a few days after Carole went public with her reaction to the former giving away her used makeup products to a female worker at TJ Maxx. On September 14, Carole penned in a tweet, "Who sent this to me? Lol. I mean stop this nonsense. So much to unpack but I'm not getting paid to do this any longer. But hereā€¦one word: #whitesaviorcomplex."

Carole Radziwill tweet

Carole Radziwill threw a shade at Bethenny Frankel via X, formerly known as Twitter.

Previously, Bethenny handed a bag of her used makeup products to a TJ Maxx cashier. In return, the employee looked thankful yet scared to accept it because she might "get in trouble," explaining that workers "are not allowed to take any kind of gratuity or gifts." Though so, the TV star left the bag with the worker and vowed to "message" the company to make an exception. The moment was filmed in a since-deleted video on her TikTok account.

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