Denzel Washington Develops 'Fatherly' Relationship With Dakota Fanning
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The Hollywood veteran reveals in a new interview that their relationship has evolved over time after they first worked together in 2004 action movie 'Man on Fire'.

AceShowbiz - Denzel Washington has developed a "fatherly" relationship with Dakota Fanning. The actor stars alongside Dakota in "The Equalizer 3" and over the years, they've developed a very tight bond, according to director Antoine Fuqua.

The 57-year-old filmmaker, who helmed the new "Equalizer" movie, told PEOPLE that the 68-year-old actor has a "little bit of a fatherly, mentor relationship" with the actress. The Hollywood veteran and Dakota first worked together on the 2004 action movie "Man on Fire" and their relationship has evolved over time.

Antoine added, "As a child her first experience with Denzel Washington is very powerful, emotional. But you can see how she has grown quite a bit. I think it was more fascinating for Denzel than anyone else. Every once in a while when I would yell cut he would just look over and be like, 'I can't believe she's like a grown woman now.' I think it was more fascinating for him than anyone else."

Earlier this month, the 29-year-old actress described reuniting with Denzel as a "dream come true." She told PEOPLE, "I would have done anything to be a part of this and work with Denzel again. It's just a dream come true."

Prior to that, Dakota revealed that she's determined to remain "true to [herself]." The actress told Vogue, "I think for me, I just try to be true to myself and treat others with respect and myself with respect, and try and focus on doing the right thing and not giving up."

"This world can feel very overwhelming and it's hard to see the light some days, but I think it's important to remember that I do think ultimately people are good and it's important to focus on that and just keep going," she continued.

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