Brooke Shields Jokes About 'Twisted Tales' in Her Family as She Introduces Her New Puppy

The 'Lipstick Jungle' actress has adopted a rescue puppy that 'no one else wanted' from an animal shelter and quipped that her family have 'so many twisted tales.'

AceShowbiz - Brooke Shields reportedly took in a rescue puppy because she had a twisted tail and "no one else wanted" the animal. "The Blue Lagoon" actress, 58, showed off images of her pet Tuzi on Instagram last month, and bought her to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation's annual 5K race in Southampton on Sunday, August 6.

"Brooke was overheard telling pals, 'Our new puppy's name is Tuzi, and she has a twisted tail. … we picked her because no one else wanted her. She joked, 'We have so many twisted tales in our family,' " Page Six reported.

More than 600 people ran or walked in the race including teens and their parents, babies in carriages and lots of dogs, and it raised $250,000 and counting.

Brooke said in July on Instagram about her dog, "You know we couldn't go long without puppy love in our house." She also revealed earlier this year that another one of her dogs, Pepper, had died.

Brooke, who is now happily settled with TV writer Chris Henchy, 59, and their two daughters, Rowan, 20, and Grier, 17, recently said she was so distraught and depressed after having her eldest child the girl felt like a "stranger" - and feared she would take her life by driving into a brick wall.

She told the "WTF" podcast with Marc Maron, "I was exhausted. I had gone through IVF seven times. I lost so much blood when I gave birth to her and herniated my uterus. It was just everything that could have gone wrong. I thought I was going to die. They were going to give me a hysterectomy.

"There was so much trauma. And then I get home and I don't know what to do with a baby. I'm depleted and I'm completely biochemically imbalanced, and no-one knows it, and they just say, 'Stop breastfeeding or stop doing this.' "

"I couldn't understand my mind. It's the worst. It's taking everything that made me who I am and absolutely ripping my legs out from under me. "You just feel so helpless and scared. I called the doctor and it was like, 'Oh, it's the baby blues.' "

Brooke said she eventually relented to take pills for her depression after "everybody said, 'Please, please, please.' " She added, "I finally said ok to get everybody off my back. I started feeling better and wanting to be around her."

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