Tyler Perry Catches Heat Over His Birthday Shout-Out to Barack Obama

After bragging about the former president's background and his White House career, the prolific filmmaker is dragged online for describing the 62-year-old as 'a descendant of slaves.'

AceShowbiz - Tyler Perry has been dragged online after posting a birthday shout-out to Barack Obama. While he has nothing but love for the former U.S. president, the actor/writer caught some flak over the misinformation that he could spread about the politician's ancestry.

On Friday, August 4, the day Obama turned 62 years old, Perry took to his social media page to wish him a happy birthday. Along with a picture of the two's meeting at the "A Madea Christmas" star's house, he wrote a glowing tribute to the former POTUS in the caption.

"This photo was taken at my house," the 53-year-old began detailing their meeting. "I bought these chairs from an auction because they belonged to Abraham Lincoln. We both sat in them and had a conversation."

Raving about Obama's White House career, he continued, "I wondered when he freed the slaves could he have imagined that one day a descendant of those slaves would become president of the United States. Only in our America and with all of her flaws.. what a great country we live in and we must fight to keep our democracy." He went on concluding, "Happy Birthday to you President @barackobama."

Many soon took to the comments section of Perry's post to remind him that Obama is not a descendant of American slaves. "Obama is not a descendant of American slavery," one of them wrote. Another blasted him, "Tyler is all the information I need that Dreams really do come true." A third similarly stressed, "Obama did not descend from Slaves ! In the US at least! Respectfully!!!!"

Others took to Twitter, which has been rebranded to X, to voice their frustration over Perry's apparent lack of research. A user who goes by the name Nas slammed him, "Is Tyler Perry this stupid? Obama is not a Descendant of Slaves. His mom was white and his dad was an Kenyan Immigrant. These Democrat Shills will say anything to glorify Obama. Just outright lies."

Another claimed, "Obama's father is from Kenya & his mother is from a bloodline of Caucasians who owned slaves in America. Obama is not a descendant of enslaved Africans. He didn't even believe Black Americans needed reparations. Tricky math here."

"Barack Obama is not a descendant of enslaved people. Lincoln agreed to the Emancipation Proclamation on the condition that it be tied to a plan to send Black people out of the country. I could go on but I'm choosing not to," someone else argued.

Perry seemingly caught wind of the criticism because he has since edited the caption. He replaced "a descendant of those slaves" simply with "this man."

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