Lindsey Vonn Hopes to Be 'in Less Pain' After Getting Another Surgery on Her Knee
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After undergoing another knee surgery, the three-time Olympic medalist shares her post-surgery photos and videos as she hopes to be 'in less pain' and 'do the things' she 'loves.'

AceShowbiz - Lindsey Vonn has unveiled her hope to be "in less pain." After undergoing another surgery on her knee, the retired Olympic skier revealed that she will "most likely" go under the knife again, but she expected this procedure to help her "for a bit."

On Thursday, July 27, the 38-year-old former athlete gave her followers an update via Instagram. In a lengthy caption, she wrote, "We still have work to do, and most likely another surgery, but I hope this will help me for a bit." She went on to voice her excitement, "Feeling excited about this step and hopefully being in less pain so I can do the things I love."

In the Instagram post, Lindsey first discussed the procedure, "So…I had another knee surgery and it went well." She further stated, "I want to first say thank you for everyone who sent a text or message of support. It means a lot to me. [folded hands and red heart emojis]."

The four-time Olympian additionally explained, "I got another surgery because I've been dealing with all the damage from my ski racing career and have been trying to manage the pain as best I can. This surgery is hopefully a big step to help me long term."

Lindsey admitted, "Even with all these surgeries I have no regrets. I loved skiing and I'm never going to complain about all the things that have happened to me. It's still the same motto as it always has been: When we fall, we pick ourselves up!"

In the same post, Lindsey did not forget to show her appreciation to her doctor. "Also wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Dr Hackett for taking care of me and helping me figure out how to manage this knee for the past few years," she stated. "We are playing a long game of chess and he's helping me win!"

Referring to online comments about a photo of her and two boxes of Pizza after her surgery, she pointed out, "Finally… lots of people asked if I ate both pizzas lol. One Pizza was more than enough for me but the other box was for the amazing nurses that took care of me. [a pizza emoji] they stayed late for me so had to give them an extra thank you."

Lindsey uploaded a series of her photos and videos after undergoing the knee surgery. One of the snaps captured her sitting on a wheelchair with two boxes of Pizza on her lap. She was holding a cup of drink with one of her hands while sipping it. In the meantime, she gave a thumb-up with her other hand.

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