Johnny Depp's Supergroup Canceled Show Last Minute Reportedly Because He Passed Out

After sparking concerns among fans with the sudden cancellation of The Hollywood Vampires' concert in Budapest, it's now claimed that the real reason was the 'Alice in Wonderland' actor's health scare.

AceShowbiz - Johnny Depp might be the main cause of the recent sudden cancellation of The Hollywood Vampires' concert in Budapest. After sparking concerns among fans when the group canceled the show at the last minute earlier this week, it's now reported that the real reason might be because the actor had passed out at the hotel.

According to Hungarian news outlet Blikk, the 60-year-old missed the sound check ahead of the scheduled concert, but no one suspected anything at first, because it wasn't the first time he did that. A source said, "Everything was set, the stage was set, the backstage crew was ready for the party. It didn't even occur to me that there could be a problem, especially as the band members had done the sound set-up that had been scheduled for the afternoon. No one thought any more about the fact that Johnny Depp didn't take part, his microphone was set up by a staff member, but that's not unusual for such stars."

"All we've heard is that Depp was over-excited, he couldn't even leave the hotel," the informant added. "We also heard that they called a doctor to see if there was anything more wrong with him than simply overdoing it as a rock star."

The band eventually decided to postpone their show because of how serious the issue was, putting Johnny's health and safety first. The news came around six in the evening that there would be no concert.

The hard rock band announced the cancellation via its social media page on Tuesday, July 18 while fans were already queuing outside the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sport Arena. "Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Vampires will be canceling tonight's show in Budapest," the statement read. "All tickets (general and VIP, including meet & greet) will be refunded in full."

"We love and appreciate all of the fans who traveled from near and far to see us rise, and we're truly sorry," they added. "Sincere apologies, The Hollywood Vampires."

While details of the circumstances that led tot the cancellation were not disclosed, fans were worried if there's something serious happening to the member or the crew. "Cancelling the show while we're queuing is questionably weird. I sincerely hope everyone's alright," one fan reacted to the announcement. Another commented, "Please only let it be huge technical issues or whatever, no one from the Vampires or the team. I'm really really worried …"

On Thursday, the band once again canceled its scheduled gig Slovakia, this time blaming an "unsafe" venue. "Upon arrival today to the venue in Slovakia to begin set up for tonight's performance, it quickly became clear that the construction of the facility was incomplete, and therefore unsafe for both the band and the general public," they wrote in a statement shared on Instagram.

"The band is very upset by this recent and unfortunate turn of events, and hope to return when schedules permit," the statement continued to read. "This cancellation is unrelated to the recent cancellation in Budapest, but we can assure you all bandmembers are safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you in Poland, Germany and the US in the coming days. Sincere apologies, The Hollywood Vampires."

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