Jonah Hill Releases 'Complete Unrelenting Control' Merch Amid Ex's 'Emotional Abuse' Accusation
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The 'You People' actor was revealed to be selling a tote bag with 'Complete Unrelenting Control' graphics a few days before Sarah Brady accused him of being emotionally abusive.

AceShowbiz - Jonah Hill has released interesting new merchandise. Amid accusation of him being emotionally abusive to former girlfriend Sarah Brady, the actor playing Ezra in "You People" was revealed to be selling a "Complete Unrelenting Control" bag.

On Tuesday, July 4, the 39-year-old actor's clothing and lifestyle brand called Meaningful Existence uploaded via Instagram a video of its new product. In the clip, a dark red tote bag with bright pink graphics on it that read, "Complete Unrelenting Control," could be seen being promoted.

The "Complete Unrelenting Control" graphics were big enough to nearly cover the whole front side of the bag, whereas the other side displayed the brand's logo in lime green color. Over the footage, Meaningful Existence noted, "The emotional baggage tote."

Along with the clip, Meaningful Existence encouraged its customers to buy the product by writing in the caption, "Normal bags can carry all sorts of things, but they can't hold your emotions. Zip all your problems away with our Emotional Baggage Tote, adding bag, crying face and zipper-mouth face emojis. Shop now via link in bio. #meaningfulexistence."

A few days after releasing the "Emotional Baggage Tote," Jonah was accused by his ex-girlfriend Sarah of being emotionally abusive during their relationship. On Friday, July 7, Sarah uploaded a series of screenshots displaying text exchanges between them. "This is a warning to all girls. If your partner is talking to you like this, make an exit plan. Call me if you need an ear," she noted over one of the snaps.

In the texts, Jonah could be seen asking Sarah to delete Instagram photos that showed her "a** in a thong." Once Sarah informed him that she had done so, Jonah allegedly replied, "Good start. You don't seem to get it. But it's not my place to teach you. I've made my boundaries clear. You refuse to let go of some of them and you've made that clear and I hope it makes you happy."

Sarah additionally shared her healing process. "It's been a year of healing & growth with the help of loved ones and doctors to get back to living my life without guilt, shame and self-judgment for things as small as surfing in a swimsuit rather than a more conservative wetsuit," she said. "And I'm sure there's still much more healing from this abuse ahead of me."

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