Hayley Atwell Dismayed by Tom Cruise Dating Rumors
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While praising the Ethan Hunt depicter, the actress who plays the leading lady in 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One' found their romance rumors 'disappointing.'

AceShowbiz - Hayley Atwell praises Tom Cruise for having "extraordinary charisma." The 41-year-old actress hailed her "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One" co-star as being "polite" and very comfortable with himself, and admitted he can easily win people over with his energy and charm.

"It's agreed across the board how polite he is, how well mannered - he's just got extraordinary charisma. His intensity is like passion. He has this childlike energy, he's like Peter Pan in a pinball machine. He's a natural extrovert and he's clearly very comfortable with who he is," she told the Daily Telegraph newspaper when asked what Tom is like.

Hayley - who recently got engaged to Ned "Wolfgang" Kelly - has been friends with Tom since they met at a mutual friend's wedding and she finds it "disappointing" that they were persistently rumoured to be dating, though she acknowledged very little she's read about the 60-year-old actor is true.

She said, "[It's] part of the machine that's beyond my control. It doesn't surprise me but it's disappointing." Asked if they laugh off the claims, she added, "Yes, it doesn't come into the set life in any way. The only thing that I read about him that was true was that he ate two curries while they were filming in Birmingham."

The "Agent Carter" star was named after acting legend Hayley Mills and she always thinks of her childhood meeting with the "Parent Trap" actress after seeing her in a play when she interacts with her own fans.

Discussing how her mother took her to the theatre from the age of four, she said, "If we enjoyed the play, my mother would always say, 'Well, let's go back and thank them.' " And of waiting at the stage door after seeing Hayley perform, she added, "This incredible woman with a lion's mane of blonde hair came out, and my mum said, 'This is my daughter Hayley - I named her after you.' "

"I was about eight or nine and she was so touched that someone would name their child after her; I'll never forget her grace. Having been seen by someone who I really looked up to and admired never left me. And when people come up to me now and say they've liked something I've been in, I know how that feels for them."

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