Chris Jericho Developing His Own Superhero Movie as He's Fed Up With Marvel and DC

The wrestling legend is unimpressed by the current comic book movie franchises so he is working to bring his own violent persona, Painmaker, to the big screen.

AceShowbiz - Chris Jericho is plotting his own superhero movie after growing tired of other comic book films. The WWE legend - who has signed a deal with rival coming All Elite Wrestling (AEW) - debuted his new deranged and violent Painmaker persona in 2019 and he is hoping to bring the serial killer inspired character to the big screen.

"[I] tried to create a whole backstory for it to where we have a Painmaker graphic novel where the Painmaker is now an intergalactic serial killer who has reformed his evil ways and now searches the galaxy to hunt down and arrest or kill other serial killers," he told ET Canada.

"But he still has the urge to kill innocent people, and he has to give in to those urges from time to time. So he's very flawed. And I thought, why don't we start doing a universe of that with the end game of doing a Painmaker movie?"

The original idea was born from him trying to reinvent himself, which led to him wanting something "darker" than the presentation fans knew him for in WWE.

The 52-year-old star - who is no stranger to Hollywood, having worked on the likes of "MacGruber", "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot", and "Terrifier 2" - insisted a big screen adaptation could freshen up the superhero genre.

He added, "And why not, right? Listen, let's be honest, guys. How many more Spider-Man movies do we need? Superman? I know Spider-Man - bit by a spider, shoots the webs, works at the newspaper. It's done! I know it!"

"Sooner or later, someone's going to have to come up with a new superhero that's not Ant-Woman and Wasp-Man, which are the lowest guys. Or whatever - the insect genre. So I thought, what the hell? Let's see if we can make that happen. So it's kind of a project that I'm working on, too."

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