Porn Star Moriah Mills' Twitter Suspended After Threatening to Leak Zion Williamson Sex Tape

The suspension comes after Moriah threatened to release her sex tapes with the New Orleans Pelicans star, with whom she claimed she recently had a fling.

AceShowbiz - Porn star Moriah Mills has her Twitter account suspended after making sex tape threat against NBA star Zion Williamson. On Tuesday, June 20, fans celebrated after they noticed that her account is no longer accessible.

"Moriah Mills finally gets suspended," a Twitter account announced. The person also attached a screenshot of Moriah's page which now reads, "Account suspended. Twitter suspended accounts that violate the Twitter Rules."

While it's unclear how long the suspension will last, fans quickly took to social media to celebrate the news. "This gotta be the most ridiculous, down bad, embarrassing mess I've seen. Ma'am you a whole porn star ain't no way you expected…. Nevermind," one fan commented on Instagram.

"She doesn't have friends to tell her this is embarrassing?" another slammed Moriah. One user suggested, "Baby girl, take the L & move on. It's not worth making a fool of yourself for someone who has clearly shown you your place in their life…or lack of place in their life lol."

"Can we applaud all the women who sternly and loudly spoke AGAINST her actions? I literally didn't see ONE COMMENT from Real account trying to make excuses or take her side. Ladies…..bra'fxckin'vo," another comment read. A fan also hopes that Moriah will be banned from Twitter forever, saying, "Finally hope she is banned from starting a new one as well. Take a break and your meds!"

The suspension came after Moriah threatened to release her sex tapes with the New Orleans Pelicans star, with whom she claimed she had intimate intercourse just a week before he announced that he's expecting a baby with his girlfriend Akheema. "NBA I have sex tapes of me and @ZionWilliamson and he also has them on his trap phone @NBA @PelicansNBA," she wrote.

She urged NBA to trade him, saying, "trade him now he doesn't deserve to be in New Orleans !!!" Moriah also teased that she would be dropping the sex tapes "soon."

The tweet landed her in hot water with Internet users accusing her of revenge porn. "ain't it like…illegal to drop them without his consent???" one Instagram user questioned. Echoing the sentiment, someone else asked, "Ain't revenge porn illegal?"

Moriah first made headlines after she slammed Zion following his and girlfriend Ahkeema's gender reveal party. Making use of her Twitter account, Moriah made bombshell revelations that she recently had intimate encounters with the renowned basketball player.

"Better pray I'm not pregnant too because I'm definitely late, @Zionwilliamson," she tweeted. "I was with you last week in New Orleans, and you couldn't tell me you had a random thot pregnant after all I've done for you, @Zionwilliamson."

Moriah further fumed, "I let you f**k me so many times without a condom, and this is what you do to me, a hood rat that does [unknown]. You're putting my life in danger by sleeping with all these women without protection."

After making the allegations, Moriah claimed that she's threatened by Ahkeema's family. "If anything happens to me @Zionwilliams it's on you because you have this girls family threatening me," she tweeted at the time.

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