Flavor Flav Expresses Gratitude as He Hits Sobriety Milestone
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Earlier this year, the Public Enemy founding member divulged on 'Off the Record with DJ Akademiks' podcast that he used to spend up to $2,600 a day on drugs for 'six years straight.'

AceShowbiz - Flavor Flav couldn't be more proud of how he has become. To celebrate a sobriety milestone, the Public Enemy founding member took to social media to express his gratitude in a lengthy, reflective note.

"IMPORTANT!! I've changed. Today I am 3 years clean from cigarettes that I started smoking when I was just 6 years old," the 64-year-old kicked off his message. "Soon I'll be 3 years sober from alcohol. And I've been 15+ years sober from drugs. I'm proud to share my sobriety journey, and Thankx to my friends and family and those who support me."

"To everyone out there struggling with addiction, it is a real battle you fight every day. But I'm still here, and you know what, I DID IT, and if I can do it, anyone can do it!!!" he added. "To every media outlet that tries to capitalize on my goodwill trending topics and bring up my past or old interviews for sensational clickbait headlines, do better and bring up my future."

Flav went on to state, "Allow for people to grow and change in a supportive manner, and Don't let anyone hold you to your past." He then concluded, "I wear the clock, my clock goes clockwise, not counterclockwise, Look forward, not backwards."

Earlier this year, Flav divulged that he used to spend up to $2,600 a day on drugs for "six years straight." "I kinda kept it hidden... A lot of people, you know, didn't really know. They were trying to figure it out [like], 'Yo, is he on something?' and the whole nine," he said when appearing on the "Off the Record with DJ Akademiks" podcast. "Because I never really let people know exactly what I was doing."

Flav said he "started letting people know what I was doing when I was getting tired of being like that." He further explained, "There's a point and time in life where you get tired of doing s**t… Mainly when it doesn't get you no place."

"There was a time that I was spending $2,400 to $2,600 a day... for six years straight, you do the math," the rapper continued. "That's how much I spent on drugs."

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