Jack Harlow Accused of Cultural Appropriation for Wearing Bonnet

The 'Industry Baby' hitmaker can be seen wearing the headpiece as he poses for pictures with his young fans while showing his support for Louisville City football club.

AceShowbiz - Jack Harlow has been accused of cultural appropriation. The "Industry Baby" hitmaker attracted unwanted attention of many for his choice of headpiece after being spotted wearing a bonnet in photos with his fans.

In photos published by Louisville City football club on its Twitter and Instagram accounts, the 25-year-old rapper could be seen covering his hair with a black bonnet. He was, at the time, posing for pictures with his young fans while supporting the football club.

The post was quick to generate backlash at Jack. In the reply section of the tweet, one complained, "Yk i thought you was cool @jackharlow but this? oh i'm taking this as DISRESPECT. i need you to TAKE IT OFF." Another protested, "Yeah this was my POV too. obviously bonnets are for all people with curly hair but to wear it in public is a no for me."

The protester continued, "Black folk get too much racist backlash for wearing bonnets and durags in public for us to be giving someone else a slap on the wrist." A third went further by comparing Jack's action to those of Justin Timberlake and Eminem.

"Jack Harlow is a experiment to see how easily it would be to for white people to infiltrate, manipulate, and even be praised by the black community," so the Twitter user argued. "We let them slide with Justin Timberlake and Eminem and now we are being punished for our ignorance."

Jack came under fire nearly two weeks after he expressed his feelings about disappointing his fans. On May 28, after having to cancel his concert, he tweeted, "Makes me f**kin sick typing this. For the first time in my entire career I'm not gonna make it to my own show. Trying to get to Vegas tonight but I'm stuck in Kentucky."

On the reason why, the "First Class" rapper explained, "The plane we booked suddenly was no longer cleared to take off. Completely out of my control but I feel horrible. We have been trying everything, looking for other available flights, trying to find someone to take us. But it's not gonna happen."

"I've been excited as hell for tonight, reading the texts yall have been sending me, adding your song requests to the set and everything. I hate this. This is not the artist or person I ever want to be," he continued. "Refunds will of course be made and I will be working to make this up to every single person that came out tonight. Thank y'all for coming and waiting. I'm so sorry."

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