'Game of Thrones' Star Jessica Henwick Couldn't Bear to Watch the Show

The Nymeria Sand depicter admits she 'couldn't watch' the HBO series despite starring in it although she was 'quite religious about it' before joining the cast.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Henwick struggled to watch "Game of Thrones" after she landed a role in it. The 30-year-old actress loved the HBO fantasy series when she was cast as Nymeria Sand but explained its illusion was "broken" once she began to see herself on screen.

"That show really did a great job of building up the anticipation every single week. And I watched it with friends and family. And I remember when I was in LA, and it was playing or when I was in America, people would have viewing parties so and they would make more effort then when they went to the cinema like people would dress up and bring thrones inspired dishes to these parties," She exclusively told BANG Showbiz.

"It was a strange one because I love the show. Before I was on it, I was one of those people who would go to the viewing parties and was quite religious about it. And then it's interesting. As soon as I was on the show, I couldn't watch it anymore. Just because there was something about seeing myself that broke the spell for me."

"So I didn't experience it. The viewing parties when I was in the show, but I definitely went before and I loved it. It was fun trying to predict what would happen in the next episode. People were doing sort of fantasy league rankings of who's gonna end up on the Iron Throne and I thought that was really interesting."

These days, the "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" star has turned to voice acting and is now appearing as "firecracker" mole Dotty in the animated children's series "Moley" and explained she finds the part "freeing" because she is able to experiment with accents that would not usually be associated with her heritage.

She said, "I actually find voice acting to be incredibly freeing, in a way that sometimes screen physical acting can be restrictive because, you know, on 'Moley', I'm doing this accent that I would never be allowed to do if I were being physically seen on camera because people would just go oh, that voice doesn't match that body. That voice doesn't match that look."

That's the beauty of playing Dotty. It doesn't it doesn't matter who I am where I'm from, how tall I am my hair colour. My ethnicity or none of that comes into play. It really is just okay. Well, this is how I want a mole to sound and no one has any preconceived notions so it's incredibly freeing actually!"

New episodes of "Moley" air on Boomerang this month.

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