Artist of the Week: Rema

The 23-year-old Nigerian Afrobeats artist has made a huge splash on multiple Billboard charts with 'Calm Down' and its remix which features Selena Gomez.

AceShowbiz - Rema is carving his name in the music scene. The 23-year-old Nigerian singer/rapper is making waves with his single "Calm Down" lifted off his debut album "Rave & Roses". A tale about his journey of finding love, the song easily resonates with fans and it quickly reached the top spot on charts across the globe while peaking at No. 5 on World Digital Song Sales.

"It started at a party where I saw a girl who stood out from other girls so I felt like shooting my shot. We spoke and danced... but her friends didn't let me get any closer which killed the vibe, but afterwards when they weren't there, we stayed in touch and hit it off," Rema explained the story behind the track.

Knowing that he could take it to the next level, Rema quickly enlisted Selena Gomez to give the single a female perspective and it successfully reached an even wider audience. The remix soared Stateside, topping multiple Billboard charts including Rhythmic and Mainstream Top 40 as well as breaking into top 5 on Billboard Hot 100.

On the internet, the revamped version became one of the most viral songs in 2022. One of the most viewed clips featuring the song saw Iranian girls dancing without hijabs in protest. The girls were allegedly arrested by authorities later. "To all the beautiful women who are fighting for a better world, I'm inspired by you, I sing for you, and I dream with you," Rema tweeted in response back then.

"This song is opening doors and bridges," the Afrobeats artist reflected on his newfound fame in an interview with Billboard. "The impact has been so huge. Seeing people who don't speak my language sing my song word-for-word really shows that people are impacted by the sound, and I'm grateful for it."

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