Summer Walker Has Hilarious Clapback for 'Dumb' Trolls Who Think She Gives Boring Performances

When hitting back at critics who have complained about her lack of energy onstage, the RnB singer points out that high-energy dancing doesn't match her music very well.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker has addressed criticism regarding her live shows. The "Still Over It" artist noticed that there were "dumb" trolls who thought her performances were lack of energy, so she twerked online to give the haters what they need.

During an Instagram Live, the R&B star first said, "You know what doesn't add up to me? ... When people say 'put that same energy in your show sis." She added, "I have been hearing that s**t for years and I never responded because I thought it was so dumb, but tell me how this adds up to you."

Summer then got up from her seat and began to twerk along to her hit "Session 32". She did that to point out that high-energy dancing doesn't match her music very well.

Summe has been forced to fire back at critics for the past few months. In April, she shut down an online troll who mom-shamed her for having three children at the age of 27.

It all started after Summer bragged about her personal and professional accomplishments after celebrating her birthday. Posting pictures of her posing against the backdrop of her birthday decoration, she wrote in the caption, "She's 27 & RICH I can't believe all I've accomplished being so young."

"3 beautiful healthy kids, rich in love, rich in wealth, rich in knowledge , rich in spirit , & most importantly rich in happiness," Summer went on claiming. She then expressed her gratitude by saying, "blessed to make it another year."

Catching wind of the post, one hater commented, "27 w 3 kids. Sounds like you rich in misery to me." In response, she wrote back, "Right I would literally be SO said if I ain't have 3 kids right now. Once I sign some more checks Ima have more."

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