'Dungeons and Dragons' Directors Still Undecided If They'll Return for Sequel
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Filmmakers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley need to 'take a minute' before deciding if they want to make a follow-up to 'Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves'.

AceShowbiz - Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are uncertain if they want to make a sequel to "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves". The directing duo are not rushing into agreeing to making a follow-up film to the fantasy adventure saga because they have dedicated so much of their time to the first movie so need a break to collect themselves, and they also won't make another if they're not convinced it is something fans are asking for.

"I think it's too early to say. There definitely has been talk of sequels, but I think, for us … all the pieces have to fit together in the right way. We have to make sure that we're gauging the appetite to the audience and make sure that they want another one," John told ComingSoon.net.

"Also, just the fact that we spent four years of our lives on this thing, pouring every piece of ourselves into this film … it's going to take a minute for us to catch our breath and decide if we want to jump headfirst into it again."

If they do make another film, the directors would be thrilled to work with Chris Pine again. John said, "I can't speak highly enough of Chris Pine. I think what he represents is an actor that is that really stands apart from most of leading men these days and really harkens back to your Paul Newmans, your Harrison Fords, someone that can so adeptly be able to juggle multiple tones without undercutting any one of them."

"So the fact that he's able to find a laugh in a moment where people cry in the next minute is a skillset that you don't often see and one that we definitely mined the most of when we were making this film. It was the reason why we always wanted him for this, is because not only does he have that leading man charisma and confidence, he also has a vulnerability that he's totally comfortable to be able to embrace."

"I mean, it's weird - those vulnerabilities and those moments of weakness are something that, very often, leading men these days are uncomfortable to portray because they don't want to hurt their brand. And, to me, that is such a shame because it creates a character that you as an audience member can get behind and relate to, even though he's 40 times more handsome than any one of us."

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