DaBaby Releases 'A**-tonishing' Music Video for 'Shake Sumn'

'Shake Sumn' appears on DaBaby's 'CALL DA FIREMAN' EP, which marks the first release from the artist since his 2022 album 'Baby on Baby 2'.

AceShowbiz - DaBaby heated up the Internet with a new music video for "Shake Sumn". The fiery visuals, which arrived on Monday night, May 8, shows a bunch of people dancing in a huge empty warehouse.

The clip begins with a cameo from comedian Funny Marco, who stars as a news anchor. DaBaby then shows up and that's when the party starts.

While a number of scantily-clad women show off their twerking skills, a group of men also join the chaos, dancing in different outfits. DaBaby, in the meantime, delivers his raunchy bars.

"Yeah, call the fireman, she a hot girl, put her out, ooh, I just broke a sweat in this b***h/ Get a towel, she said, 'Nothin' been happenin' now, it's a drought,' I tell her put her a** in the air," he raps. "D**k her down, go get in timeout, you a baddie/ Just sent me a spot with the addy, I get up and pop me a Addy, I get up and pop me a Addy/ I get up and catch me a flight, the s**t took 'bout four hours, went out to Cali."

Many were impressed by the new visuals. One person in particular gushed, "It's the choreo for me !! And the fact that jersey club beats and dances were paid homage to I love it." Another raved, ""Well I have to say the choreography and the vixens were a**-tonishing."

The compliment continued with one writing, "This music video too energetic and one of a kind this was to lit [fire emojis] a legendary song always deserves a legendary music video." Someone else added, "This was an amazing video simply bc everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. He had the dancers and everything I love everything about it!"

"Shake Sumn" appears on DaBaby's "CALL DA FIREMAN" EP, which was dropped on May 5. It marks the first project from the artist since his 2022 album "Baby on Baby 2", which debuted at No. 34 on the Billboard 200.

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