King Charles Endured Neck Pain From Wearing Coronation Crown in Silence
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The monarch's son Prince William is the one who makes the admission about his dad's discomfort during a surprise walkabout to talk to royal fans in Windsor one day after the coronation.

AceShowbiz - King Charles was secretly enduring neck pain while wearing the coronation crown. While on a surprise walkabout to talk to royal fans in Windsor on Sunday, May 7, during which he also thanked people for spending hours in the rain during his father's crowning the day before at Westminster Abbey, London, the monarch's son Prince William made the admission about his dad's discomfort.

William, 40, told one group of fans, "I think his neck hurt last night, having the crown… it does weigh a hell of a lot." He added about them braving the bad weather on Saturday when Charles was crowned, "I felt so bad for everyone yesterday standing out for hours in the rain. We're so British… everyone gets this: 'Yeah, yeah, bit of rain, we'll manage.' "

The 74-year-old King had the 17th-century St Edward's Crown placed on his head, which is notoriously weighty as it is almost 5lbs. In 1902 Edward VII was unable to wear it as he was too weak to bear its weight. Monarchs have been known to switch to a lighter one as they head out of the Abbey for the Coronation Procession, and Charles did the same on Saturday by putting the Imperial Crown on as he headed out of the Abbey - which is the one he wore during the procession back to Buckingham Palace, where he gathered on the balcony with his wife Camilla, 75, and senior working royals to wave to royal fans.

Camilla chose a renewed version of Queen Mary's crown for the ceremony, made up of stones and designs that paid homage to the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died aged 96 in September. The crown has four arches and a 18.8 carat heart-shaped stone, from Cullinan V diamonds.

Along with admitting his dad's secret pain from his crown, William also said his father had been nervous during the coronation. When asked if nerves had got to Charles, the royal replied, "Yeah, I think so. It's always one of those days when everyone is watching and you want it to go all smoothly and well."

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