Desiigner Charged for Pleasuring Himself on Flight After Blaming Incident on Mental Health Issue
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The 'Panda' hitmaker told the FBI he 'didn't get much' in Japan and found one of the flight attendants attractive after he was caught exposing himself multiple times on an international flight.

AceShowbiz - Desiigner faces legal trouble for his recent inappropriate behavior while on a plane. The rapper was charged with one federal count of indecent exposure on an aircraft after he allegedly exposed himself multiple times and masturbated on an international flight.

The incident happened about 60-90 minutes into a Delta flight from Tokyo to Minneapolis on April 17, a criminal complaint alleges. After a flight attendant first spotted Desiigner, whose real name is Sidney Royel Selby III, exposing himself, he covered himself.

Five minutes later, two flight attendants spotted Desiigner masturbating and he was again told "no" and covered himself. The lead flight attendant then came to his first-class seat and told him that he was going to be arrested, but a short time later, he was seen exposing himself a third time.

The 25-year-old was eventually moved to the back of the plane, where two travel companions agreed to watch him. There, the star apologized to his security guard and claimed he was "bugging" and "messed up." When he got up from his first-class seat to move to the back, "a jar of Vaseline dropped in the aisle," the complaint states.

Desiigner also apologized to the flight crew before he was detained. When questioned by the FBI, he said he "didn't really get much ... cootie" while in Japan, and was "brick hard" when he got on the plane. He said he found one of the flight attendants attractive and "kind of showed her, showed her, un, the magic stick." He allegedly said, "I thought I was giving her encouragement, to keep pushing, you know what I mean, to keep striving for it."

He also told the agent he was not under the influence during the flight. He was eventually released, but later sought help for his mental health.

The "Panda" hitmaker said in a statement released via his Instagram Story on April 20, "For the past few months i have not been ok, and i have been struggling to come to terms with what is going on." He claimed, "While overseas for a concert i performed at, i had to be admitted in to a hospital, i was not thinking clearly."

"They gave me meds, and i had to hop on a plane home," the singer/songwriter continued, before admitting, "I am ashamed of my actions that happened on that plane. I landed back to the states, and am admitting my self in a facility to help me."

The New York Native also announced a break from any professional activities. "I will be cancelling all shows and any obligations until further notice," he said, before stressing, "Mental health is real guys, please pray for me. If your not feeling like yourself please get help."

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