John Mulaney Admits Having Pocketful of Tranquilizers and Cocaine During Intervention
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When looking back at the time his loved ones arranged a confrontation about his spiraling addiction, the 'SNL' alum reveals that he had tried to get sober in 2005.

AceShowbiz - John Mulaney walked into his drugs intervention with his pockets stuffed with tranquilizers and cocaine. Getting clean after his loved ones arranged a confrontation with him in 2020 about his spiraling addiction, the 40-year-old comic said he first got sober in 2005, but "slowly got back into pharmaceuticals over the next 13, 14 years," as he progressed from prescribed drugs to illegal substances scored on the street.

About walking in to see a "bunch" of people at his intervention after picking up his latest stash, John told the "This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von" podcast, "I'd just been to my drug dealer's apartment, and I finally got the right balance: one pocket all Adderall and coke, one pocket all Xanax. And I was like, 'I have done it. I reached equilibrium.' "

John added even though he was "strung out" at the time he kept "insisting" to his loved ones he "hadn't used drugs in days." The "Saturday Night Live" alum added, "I went, 'Look, I am sober right now. Look at me. I am sober right now,' I kept saying."

"I remember times when I felt like, 'OK, I've done too much. Like, this is serious, and I've done too much, and maybe I should go down to my lobby and sit there in case I need to... I lived right near an urgent care,' " he further recalled. "I was like, 'Maybe I need to sit here and just tell the doorman to grab a paramedic or something.' "

The father of one said he recalls doing "five or six days" in detox, that made him feel as if his "skeleton wanted to rip outta (his) body." He added, "I remember laying on my bed just like f**king writhing." He then said he had believed before he got clean again, he would be "just fine" if he was "balancing coke and Adderall with Xanax and Klonopin."

John asked his artist wife of nearly seven years, Anna Marie Tendler, for a divorce after he completed treatment in early 2021. In September that same year, he confirmed that he and 42-year-old actress Olivia Munn were expecting a child together. Their son Malcolm was born two months later.

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