Lily Collins Says 'More Drama' Will Follow Multiple 'Cliffhangers' in 'Emily in Paris'

The 'Mirror Mirror' actress teases what to expect from the new installment of her Netflix hit series, telling fans to expect 'more drama' after multiple 'cliffhangers' in the previous one.

AceShowbiz - Lily Collins has assured fans there will be "more drama" in the new season of "Emily in Paris". The 34-year-old actress takes on the title role in the Netflix hit which follows a young girl who moves from America to take up a position as a marketing executive in the French capital and teased that there will be "more drama" in the upcoming set of episodes.

"I just know, obviously, the many cliffhangers, and there's multiple ways in which it could go. I just know that there's gonna be obviously more drama, more laughs and more fashion and more travel," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Lily previously explained that she believed she had been given a selection of alternate endings for the show - which is yet to give any update on a return date - until she realised that all the endings were in fact coming "all at once."

She said, "Then I realized they were all the endings at once. I was like, 'Wait, there's a wedding and then there's a wedding that doesn't happen or this engagement that turns into a wedding that turns into a non-wedding, which turns into a pregnancy announcement, which turns into, like, 'What the f**k? What!' "

At the time, Emily admitted that while she could see her show continuing forevermore, the future of the comedy series would be left in the hands of the fans and whether they watched the show in the first place. She said, "I can totally see it going on and on and on, but I think we have to leave it to people and fans to watch it and love it and hope that we can get to do more. So, everyone, please love it."

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