Jeremy Renner Saved Nephew From Snowplow That Came 'Full Force' Before He's Crushed
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Alexander Fries, who is the only person to witness the freak accident, is heard saying in bodycam footage that the Hawkeye depicter 'tried to jump' on the machine before it 'took him under and went over him.'

AceShowbiz - Jeremy Renner's nephew said the actor saved him from being crushed by his snowplow as it hurtled toward him at "full force." "The Avengers" actor was left in a bloody pulp with 35 crushed bones when he stopped Alexander Fries from being pulverised by the 14,000lb Pistenbully Snowcat machine on New Year's Day, and a newly released bodycam recording captured Alex telling emergency workers about the star's heroism.

Alex, the only person to witness the freak accident, is heard saying Jeremy "tried to jump" on the machine before it "took him under and went over him." He says, "He... got out to tell me something, and that's when it started coming at me, like, full force. That's when he tried to jump back in there. Right where his blood is at, that's where it all happened."

A full conversation between medics on the scene cannot be made out from the footage, but one official can be heard saying Jeremy is probably heading for "Renown", the medical center in Reno where Jeremy was airlifted in critical condition. Jeremy was using the snowplow to pull his grown nephew's truck from the snow when he was pulled under the machine and pulverised.

A Nevada sheriff's office incident report was filed in January said, "The Pistenbully snow groomer began sliding causing Renner to exit the vehicle without setting the emergency brake. Although the Pistenbully had some mechanical issues, it is believed based on our mechanical inspection that the parking brake would keep the Pistenbully from moving forward. When Renner attempted to stop or divert the Pistenbully to avoid injury to (his nephew), he was pulled under the vehicle by the track and run over."

The redacted Washoe County Sheriff's Office report, obtained by CNN, added the brake indicator light inside the snowcat's cab was not functioning, and "mechanical issues may have been a factor in this accident." It added Jeremy's nephew was able to help him until help arrived, with the actor airlifted to the hospital where he received treatment in the intensive care unit for more than two weeks and underwent at least two surgeries before being allowed home.

Jeremy told police he jumped off his snowcat when it started to "roll down the hill," but when he tried to stop it before it slid into his nephew. The report added, "Once he was off the Pistenbully, he realized it was heading directly toward (his nephew). He feared the Pistenbully was going to hit (his nephew), so he decided to attempt to stop or divert the Pistenbully."

Jeremy clambered onto the plough's moving track and was immediately pulled under the left side track, leaving him completely crushed under the vehicle. A 911 call said the right side of his chest was left caved in and his upper torso "crushed."

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