Boosie Badazz Fumes Over Airport Food During IG Live

The ''Wipe Me Down' spitter, who is no stranger to throwing a fist on social media, launches into a public rant knowing that he couldn't get a certain item that he wanted.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) was so pissed off during a recent Instagram Live. The "Wipe Me Down" spitter launched a tirade knowing that he couldn't get a certain item that he wanted.

The 40-year-old hopped on IG Live while waiting for his flight to start boarding. He then sought something to eat, and he decided to buy a sandwich.

In the clip, a female employee could be heard asking Boosie if he wanted mayonnaise or mustard with his sandwich. In response, he asked back, "You don't have jelly?"

The cashier told Boosie that they didn't have it, and that was the moment he threw a fit. "How the f**k you sell sandwiches and ain't got no f**king jelly," he fumed.

The Baton Rouge native went on to stress, "How the f**k you gonna sell a biscuit with no muthaf**kin' jelly." He continued, "This sh*t done blew me, man."

Just a few weeks earlier, Boosie called out Gabrielle Union over her previous criticism of him. "For her to say that, that makes her a hypocrite," he argued. "You don't want no one to talk about what goes on in those situation but you're saying that somebody has d**k on their mind? So if you do got d**k on your mind, you feel some type of way about that. Baby, you a hypocrite."

"You 'gay bashing' me," he added with a smirk on his face. "Are you gay bashing? You're a hypocrite… Everything I spoke to her was from the heart. We don't look at you like a power couple, baby. I mean, not the people where I'm from."

Boosie and Gabrielle have been feuding after the rapper, who frequently criticized the LGBTQ+ community, made transphobic comments about Zaya. The actress once fired back at Boosie in an interview, "He's so preoccupied. It's almost like don't protest too much Lil Boos'…. You got a lot of d**k on your mind."

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