Brett Goldstein Credits 'Ted Lasso' for Sex Symbol Status: It Has Nothing to Do With Me in Real Life
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The 'Ted Lasso' actor is confused by his sex symbol status, crediting his TV character as football coach Roy Kent on the Apple TV series as people praise his sex appeal.

AceShowbiz - Brett Goldstein is baffled by his sex symbol status. The 42-year-old actor plays football coach Roy Kent in the hit Apple+ series "Ted Lasso" but insisted that any notion of him having sex appeal was "nothing to do" with himself and believes it must solely have come from his character.

"I'm flattered you're telling me this, and I will expect you to address me as such from now on! How do I feel about becoming a sex symbol? I don't know. You can say, 'He blushes, looks confused, his head explodes.' Listen, if it's a thing, that has nothing to do with me. That has to do with the show, right? Because of the character!" he told Variety.

Meanwhile, the Emmy Award-winning star went on to explain that the reason he is seldom seen smiling in photographs is that he thought it would be amusing if, after his death, editors would want to naturally describe him as having a sunny disposition but would be able to find a photo of himself looking happy, but thinks that the project has been "slightly ruined" by the ability to take screenshots of himself in character or during a talk show appearance.

He added, "It's a life project! The idea was, if I never smiled in a photo, it seemed funny to me that when I die if there's ever an obituary, the obituary would say, 'he was the smiliest, loveliest guy.' And the editor would be looking through every photo going, 'This guy?' That was the project! I think the life project has been slight f****** ruined!"

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