Christina Aguilera Reflects on Double Standards During Joint Tour With Justin Timberlake
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In an episode of 'Call Her Daddy' podcast, the 'Beautiful' hitmaker recalls that the music industry in the early aughts 'was a different business' with 'a lot of female comparisons.'

AceShowbiz - Christina Aguilera reflected on double standards she had to face during a joint tour with Justin Timberlake. Becoming a guest on "Call Her Daddy" podcast, the "Beautiful" hitmaker looked back at the time when female artists had to fight over slut-shaming for expressing female sexuality in songs and videos.

"There was a lot of double standards with it," the 42-year-old opened up in the Wednesday, April 5 episode of the podcast. She went on to explain, "Because I went on tour with Justin, we did the 'Stripped [&] Justified' tour and there were things where I was just like, 'Why is it okay for him and not okay for me, you know what I mean?' "

On the challenges she faced due to the double standards, the "Fighter" songstress candidly shared, "It's just like I was constantly pushing back in my way. I mean, it was so inappropriate sometimes, the things that were asked about that era." She further stressed that the music industry in the early aughts "was a different business where there was a lot of female comparisons and double standards with women."

The five-time Grammy winner continued by explaining, "It just felt like just punches in the face. It was hard to just constantly feel like you're making music and doing something you love and then someone spinning something so negative about it. It was really hard because sometimes who you were pitted against, you actually genuinely, you know, loved and respected."

During the interview, the "Say Something" singer also got candid about expressing female sexuality through her songs and videos. "I was like, 'I have to do songs that mean something to me and are valid to who I am and being fearless and talking about anything,' " she said. "And that includes sexuality!"

"I felt that there was a lot of shame and fear around the subject so I just wanted to be who I was and make a safe space for everyone to feel food - and make it a conversation," she further declared.

Just days before the podcast, Christina was honored with the Advocate for Change award at the 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. At the time, she gave a shoutout for her LGBTQ friends. "Looking out at this audience I see so many familiar faces and beautiful people and I'm so proud to be in this room with all of you. I grew up in this community as most of my lifelong best friends identify as LGBTQ," she said in her speech.

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