The Who Consider Retirement Since They Find Touring Much Harder as They Get Older

Pete Townshend and bandmate Roger Daltrey are mulling over farewell tour like fellow musician Elton John as the duo are struggling with a life on the road now that they are old.

AceShowbiz - Pete Townshend claims The Who are on the verge of retiring. The veteran rocker - who has been making music with the band for almost 60 years - has opened up both he and bandmate Roger Daltrey have found touring much harder as they get older and it takes much longer for them to adjust to life at home after they get back from the road - and he says it might be time for them to play a farewell tour like Sir Elton John.

"I suppose Roger and l, at some point, will look ahead and try to work out whether or not we want to do an Elton John and end it [the band] in some way. It's difficult to make a decision going forward, to say we're going to do this or that, because we don't know how well we're going to be or how fit we're going to be," Pete, 77, told Record Collector magazine.

"We're both old. That in itself has a downside because, apart from what you can or can't do on the stage, when you finish touring you come back to normal life - whatever it is that you decide to do to fill your time away from the road - and it's harder and takes longer."

He added, "We're at that stage where it's obviously getting closer to retirement. But all the time we're doing well I'm never going to say we're not going to do something more in the future. I've always said that you don't give this business up, it gives you up."

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