Richard Madeley 'Very Flattered' by Rumors He Might Be Jack Whitehall's Real Father

While vehemently denying rumors suggesting he is Richard's son, 'Jungle Cruise' actor Jack says TV presenter Richard 'seemed very flattered by that idea.'

AceShowbiz - Jack Whitehall has claimed Richard Madeley isn't his real dad. Facing a persistent gossip suggesting his father and TV co-star Michael Whitehall might not be his biological parent - with online gossips suggesting he could be the offspring of veteran small screen star Richard Madeley, the 34-year-old comedian/actor is adamant there's no truth to it.

"Richard seemed very flattered by that idea didn't he? But yes that was genuinely a rumour. When I was hosting 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' back in the day, there was a rumour on one of those online forums that I was Richard Madeley's son. Maybe because I looked like his real son?" Jack explained in an interview with Heat magazine.

Jack went on to reveal there was another rumour suggesting his actor godfather Nigel Havers could also be his real dad, but the "Jungle Cruise" star is adamant that one isn't true either because it started as a family in-joke.

He added, "It was also rumoured that Nigel Havers is my dad, which is just because he's my godfather and he turned up at my birth, so in the family we always used to joke that Nigel was my real dad."

When asked which of the two men he would prefer to have as a dad, Jack replied, "I would have Nigel Havers. At a push. He's charming, debonair. Not that Richard Madeley isn't, but Nigel Havers is known for it isn't he? And I aspire to being debonair."

Jack's genuine dad is Michael Whitehall, who shared the screen with him in four seasons of their reality TV show "Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father". They also wrote a book together called "Him and Me" which was released in 2013.

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