Benzino Rants Against Members of LGBTQ+ Community Who Flirted With Him, Insists He Isn't Gay

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star also shares screenshots of flirty comments he has gotten after some people on Twitter accuse him of lying about the matter.

AceShowbiz - Benzino has launched a public rant against members of the LGBTQ+ community who flirted with him. Insisting that he is not gay, the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star urged them to stop doing the "weird s**t" in the comment section of his social media posts.

"Attention to all in the LGBTQ, abcd!!!" the 57-year-old declared in the since-deleted series of tweets. "I respect y'all's movement and your decision to be who you want to be BUT STOP THE WEIRD S**T WITH THE COMMENTS AND FLIRTING. I'M NOT F**KING FLATTERED BECAUSE I'M NOT GAY!! RESPECT THAT S**T AS I RESPECT WHO YOU ARE!!"

Fans were not buying Benzino's claim though. They accused him of lying. In response, the rapper shared screenshots of flirty comments he's received. "Wtf I gotta lie to y'all for? Yall weird asf!" he argued alongside the snaps. "There's WAY more but twitter only allows 4 pics at a time."

"F**k y'all mad at me for?? Cause I ain't wit that s**t?" the father of Coi Leray asked in another tweet. "I know it ain't all gays & not all gay men are disrespectful but it's a lot who are, it's been going on for awhile. I don't wanna see that on my timeline. Just respect that. I'm straight, and idgaf about none y'all comments."

This is not the first time Benzino had to set the record straight on his sexuality. In April 2022, he stressed that he is "straight" after rumors claiming he was dating transgender actress Shauna Brooks.

"I respect the LGBTQ community but I am straight and always will be that," Benzino penned at that time. He then concluded his post with a hashtag, "#zinovstheplanet."

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