Quinta Brunson Praises UK Shows for Calling It Quits While They're Ahead

While she's not ready to bid farewell to her own television series, the 'Abbott Elementary' actress admires those who decide to wrap up before viewers get fatigue.

AceShowbiz - Quinta Brunson finds a "beauty, power and grace" in bringing a successful TV series to an end. While insisting she isn't yet ready to bring the award-winning school mockumentary series to a close, the "Abbott Elementary" creator-and-star admires writers who are keen to quit while they're ahead.

"I think it could do that...," she told the i newspaper when discussing the possibility of further series after the show was given the green light for a third season. "I think there's real beauty, power and grace in ending something when it's supposed to end. I'm not saying it's time to end! But I like how the UK does that. You guys are like, 'Yep, that's enough.' "

Quinta admitted she has been surprised by how successful the series - which airs on ABC in the US and Disney+ in the UK - has proven to be. She said, "Comedies on network television are not necessarily awards bait."

"It's an honour that our work is not seen as less than just because it's for a lot of people. It feels special that our work is being recognised and not undermined because of race or sex - it's just considered good."

Instead of using a marketing budget towards an awards campaign, show bosses instead channelled the money towards providing school supplies to teachers across the US, and has also partnered with businesses to host school book fairs and donate uniforms and reusable water bottles to students.

Quinta said, "Why wouldn't we go out to the people that the show is about and make a real impact?"

The programme is named after the actress' own elementary school teacher, Ms. Abbott, who was "very moved" by the tribute and Quinta has thrilled the spotlight has led to a new role for her beloved educator.

She said, "I think she knows she had an impact on her students, but not how much. Her class has stayed with me for all these years. She's living her best life. She's doing speaking gigs, as she should, because she's incredible. Sometimes that sort of thing can make me sick to my stomach, when someone starts acting like an expert on something. But she's one of the people we should be hearing from. I'm so happy for her."

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