Olivia Colman Finds It 'Ostentatious' to Put Her Oscar Statuette on Display

The actress who won an Academy Award for movie 'The Favourite' would rather keep her golden trophy hidden away because she feels pretentious to show it off.

AceShowbiz - Olivia Colman hides her Oscar. The 49-year-old actress - who received a CBE honor in 2019 - collected the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Anne, Queen of Great Britain in the 2018 period black-comedy film "The Favourite" but she does not like to show off.

"It's in the cupboard - it feels a bit ostentatious to have it out. I have it in the cupboard, so I can go [mimes opening doors] 'Hello!' It was out for the first year, but I think after that, you should crack on, forget it happened and keep working," she told Bella magazine.

The "Empire of Light" star - who plays Miss Haversham in the new BBC One miniseries "Great Expectations", based on the Charles Dickens classic of the same name - admits she tries to work less these days because she loves being able to do normal tasks, including taking her children to school.

Olivia - who has three children with husband Ed Sinclair - said, "I have made the decision to work less. I think lockdown made me want to change everything - I know lots of people had that. I loved being at home so much. I know it sounds really boring, but I want to put the wash on and I want to do the school run and all the stuff I used to do years ago before I got lots of work, now I want to do it again."

However, Olivia previously admitted she has to keep working to pay her mortgage. She might be an Oscar winner and star of multiple blockbusters and series, but she doubts her family would be able to survive for long if she cut back on work.

Speaking to Yours magazine last year, Olivia said, "I would love to do slightly less in a year, but that would involve being paid different amounts. Things are going really well. But if I stopped work, we wouldn't last long. It's about having to pay the mortgage!"

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