Gwyneth Paltrow Remains Defiant Amid Backlash Over Her 'Out of Touch' Wellness Tips

The Oscar winner, who came under fire for declaring she has eaten bone broth a lot of the days, insists that her diet is 'not meant to be advice for anybody else.'

AceShowbiz - Gwyneth Paltrow has finally responded to backlash over her wellness tips. Having caused an uproar with her "starvation diet," the "Iron Man" actress took to social media to defend herself.

Making use of Instagram Story on Friday, March 17, the 50-year-old revealed that she and her doctor are trying to get her long COVID under control with an anti-inflammatory diet. It includes lots off proteins, vegetables and carbs.

"It's been working really well. This is based on my medical results…not meant to be advice for anybody else," the Oscar winner said. "It's really just what has worked for me, and it's been very powerful, very positive."

Noting that she doesn't eat those routine foods "all day every day," Gwyneth claimed she eats "far more than bone broth and vegetables." She said, "I eat full meals. I also have days where I eat whatever I want, French fries or whatever."

"My baseline has been to try to eat healthy and try to eat foods that really calm the system down," the ex-wife of Chris Martin further elaborated.

Gwyneth came under fire earlier this week following her appearance on "The Art of Being Well" podcast. "I'm really embarrassing myself right here," she said at that time while administering an IV to her arm. "I love an IV, I'm an early IV adopter."

Gwyneth then shared her wellness routine, which includes intermittent fasts and eating something "that won't spike [her] blood sugar" around 12 P.M. "I love soup … I have bone broth for a lot of the days," she explained. "I try to do one hour of movement, so I'll go for a walk or I'll do pilates or I'll do my Tracy Anderson [workouts]."

She continued the routine with dry brushing in the sauna for 30 minutes. She also shared that she has a vegetable-heavy dinner in line with the paleo diet to "support [her] detox."

After the clip of her interview was reposted on TikTok, some users were not having it. "She looks physically sick so how much are these IVs really helping??" one asked in a comment. One other bluntly called Gwyneth "insufferable," while someone else joked that she was "too rich to swallow vitamins whole."

One person even called the "Avengers: Endgame" actress "the mother of all almond moms," referring to adults who push disordered eating onto their children. A confused user asked, "what is she detoxing from if she doesn't eat?"

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