Blueface Calls Out Chrisean Rock for Not Doing the Laundry in One Month, It Backfires

The 'Thotiana' emcee calls out his on-and-off girlfriend while sharing a video of his home's laundry room that sees dirty clothes being spread all over the floor, washing machine and counter.

AceShowbiz - Blueface called out Chrisean Rock on social media for not doing the laundry in weeks. However, the rapper's action backfired since people came to his on-and-off girlfriend's defense.

Taking to Instagram Story on Wednesday, March 15, the emcee shared a video of his home's laundry room. In the clip, dirty clothes were spread all over the floor, washing machine and counter.

"Look at this s**t, y'all," Blueface said in the footage. "Look at this s**t. I done told this h*e to do the gotdamn laundry for like a month now. On God, I tell her, 'It's not that hard, baby. If you separate the clothes everyday and just do a load a day, it'll be less work. But if you let the scene bleed all year long it's gon' be crazy.' "

"On God, I'm supposed to deal with this?" the rap star further lamented. "Somebody said get a housekeeper or a maid. What's the point of having a b***h if I gotta get a housekeeper or a maid?"

The video has since been shared by The Neighborhood Talk on its page, prompting fans to blast Blueface. "and y he not doing it?" one person asked, while another opined, "Wait she's the breadwinner, pregnant and gotta be the maid too while tolerating the emotional and verbal abuse?"

"Not gone lie then first few weeks of pregnancy you really just wanna lay down nbs on top of the morning sickness that really be all day," someone else explained. A different person commented, "Bro you have money hire a housekeeper."

Chrisean herself has fired back at Blueface. "A b***h be mentally and physically drained," she vented on Instagram Live. "Who wants to clean up after a n***a that beats and cheats on them? Here and there and all that. That s**t is draining."

"I'ma just pay someone else to do it. I'm never really home. I travel a lot. I be tired. N***a just want to lay down. If I make money for you every weekend, I just want to lay my a** down," she continued arguing. "What the f**k? Oh my God, bro. And you still want to beef, for what?"

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