Artist of the Week: Halsey

The 'Without Me' hitmaker sees their name on multiple music charts thanks to their new single 'Die 4 Me', which is the solo version of their 2019 collaboration with Post Malone and Future.

AceShowbiz - Heartbreak is clearly painful for anyone and it makes no exception for Halsey. Despite going through a rough time after ending a relationship, the "Without Me" singer manages to produce good music from their failed romance and their work has since been well received by fans.

On February 24, the 28-year-old released a new track called "Die 4 Me". It is the solo version of their collaboration with Post Malone and Future, "Die for Me", which hit streaming services back in September 2019.

Following its release, the new tune made an entry on several music charts. It entered the Top 40 on Pop Radio, reaching No. 39 after receiving 524 spins during the February 26 - March 4 tracking period. Elsewhere, "Die 4 Me" landed at No.100 on Billboard Hot 100.

Just a week before dropping "Die 4 Me", Halsey released its cover art and announced, "Next Friday I've got a little surprise coming." They added, "It's been long known in my fanbase that there's a demo of 'Die For Me' with just me on it. I performed my verse on the tour all summer long and since so many people have asked for it, I decided to put my full version out as "Die 4 Me".

Halsey's lines on Posty's 2019 track appear as the second verse on her own single. It also arrived with a new verse, an interlude and a bridge that reads, "This is the last time, I'ma do you the honor/ I'll give you a headline, I know I shouldn't bother/ This is a lesson to take, hold someone tight and they break/Then you say it's a mistake, but you meant it anyway."

"Now, you can't blame me, tell them you made me/ Ignore the s**t that you did on the daily," it adds. "Think that you played me, but you can't save me/ All of that s**t 'bout how I'm f**king crazy."

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