This Is How Justin Bieber Reacts to Fan's Apparent Proposal to Wife Hailey
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After a video of the incident goes around on the Internet, the man who is featured in the viral clip quickly sets the record straight in a TikTok video.

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber was out with Hailey Bieber (Hailey Baldwin) when a random person approached them and seemingly proposed to his model wife in front of him. The "Peach" hitmaker apparently wasn't having it as he quickly shut down the fan.

In a TikTok video, which captured the incident, the couple was seen attending Moncler's immersive Art of the Genius event in London on Monday, February 20. For the outing, Justin looked casual in a blue bomber jacket. The model, meanwhile, donned a white bomber vest that she paired with a mini jacket.

They were enjoying the art when someone came to them and offered Hailey a ring. Justin wasn't having it as he told the fan dryly, "Not right now, not right now. Thank you." Meanwhile, Hailey gave the person an apologetic smile.

After the video went around on the Internet, the man who was featured in the video quickly set the record straight. "That was me, this is the ring. No, I wasn't trying to propose," he explained. The man added that he has a jewelry brand and that he only wanted to give the ring to Hailey.

Still, fans were amused after watching the video. "Every woman deserves a man the way Justin cares for his wife," one person said, gushing over the "What Do You Mean?" singer's possessive behavior. "Damn she looks like she felt bad but yea," another user added.

"So cute. I love how Justin is jealous of his wife," someone else wrote. One person, however, left a nasty comment by penning, "yeah as if someone wants to marry her willingly."

Some others, however, criticized Justin's cold response. "He [is] trying so hard to be polite," one person defended the male fan. Another opined, "His attitude scares me sometimes lol."

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