Jennifer Coolidge Discovers an 'Unwelcome Visitor' on Surveillance Footage
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The 'White Lotus' star has made a police report after she caught a trespasser trying to get into her L.A. home when she observed security camera footage.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Coolidge had to call the police after a trespasser reportedly tried to get into her home. The 61-year-old actress is said to have been going over security camera footage of her L.A. home when she spotted an "unwelcome visitor" unsuccessfully attempting to jump over her gate before fleeing the scene entirely and immediately got the authorities involved when she saw the tape but "no arrests" have been made as of Tuesday, February 15.

A law enforcement source told TMZ, "Jennifer noticed the unknown man last month while reviewing security tapes. Man tried to open Jennifer's security gate - to no avail - which is when he jumped over the gate and continued to walk around her property before eventually taking off. Police were called and a trespassing report was taken. The man in question may have just been transient in the area. No arrests have been made, at least not yet."

The news comes just weeks after the "American Pie" actress, who has enjoyed a massive career over the course of the last two years with her Golden Globe-winning role as socialite Tanya McQuoid on HBO comedy series "The White Lotus", admitted that she used to worry that she wasn't going to make through various "low moments" but insisted her struggles had all been "worth it."

She said, "There was some times when I felt like, you know... It wasn't going to go very well... I don't know, it just has this whole thing of... my feelings as a young person and being extremely hopeful and having giant dreams and having very, very low moments too and then to be here tonight... I don't know - it was all worth it, it was all worth it."

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