Tommy Lee's Wife 'Saddened' People 'Mistook' Her Joke About Pamela Anderson
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Brittany Furlan, who received backlash over her TikTok video poking fun at the 'Baywatch' star, explains that people 'thought I was making a joke about her dying instead of myself.'

AceShowbiz - Tommy Lee's wife Brittany Furlan is "saddened" people "mistook" her joke about Pamela Anderson. The 36-year-old social media personality, who married Motley Crue drummer Tommy, 60, on Valentine's Day in 2019, made a gag about his ex-wife Pamela on a now-deleted TikTok post in which she seemed to suggest the "Baywatch" actress wouldn't care if she died.

But she told Page Six on Monday, February 6, about fans misinterpreting the joke, "(They) thought I was making a joke about her dying instead of myself." She added she was "saddened" the post was taken "the wrong way," but said about how she can't control everything, "What will be will be."

Brittany also said "humor, even dark humor" has always been her way of coping with "uncomfy" situations. Brittany posted the TikTok video amid ongoing coverage of the release of 55-year-old Pamela's memoir "Love, Pamela", which features tales of her stormy marriage to Tommy, with whom she shares two sons.

Brittany had posted a selfie-style video with a " '90s Pam Makeup" filter on her face that showed her saying, "Oh, oh," while Tommy sat beside her - and added at the top of the clip, "Pam if I died."

The caption also explained, "Pls guys I gotta make jokes it's how I cope", but fans of Pamela's branded it everything from "disrespectful" to "horrible." Pamela and Tommy eloped in 1995 a few days after meeting and had sons Brandon, 26, and Dylan, 25, before they divorced in 1998, with the actress telling in her book and her new Netflix documentary their relationship was marred by jealousy, physical abuse, drug use, family feuds and their infamous stolen sex tape.

But Pamela is convinced her relationship with Tommy "may have been the only time I was ever truly in love." She also admitted Brittany would not be happy with her revelations about her time with the drummer, and told the Wall Street Journal, "I'm sure it's going to be annoying to his wife. I'd be annoyed."

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