Drake Trolls Spotify for Giving Him 'Dinner Plate' Instead of a 'LeBron-Sized Check'

Tired of getting plaque from the streaming platform every time he reaches a milestone, the 'In My Feelings' hitmaker posts a video of him literally eating from his Spotify plague.

AceShowbiz - Drake's Spotify plague means nothing more to him than just a dinner plate. Having complained about the lack of financial reward for his achievements, the Canadian superstar has trolled the streaming giant by turning one of his Spotify plagues into a dinner plate.

On Thursday, February 2, the 36-year-old posted on his Instagram Story a hilarious video of him literally eating from his Spotify "dinner plate." In the clip, he is seen sitting on his dining table with spaghetti served in front of him on the silver plaque.

Drizzy took a mouthful of the noodle with his fork before wiping his mouth with a white handkerchief. He then got up from the chair as the camera briefly panned on the plague, which was apparently awarded to Drake for a milestone he reached with his 2018 hit "In My Feelings".

Drake didn't speak a word in the video, which was uploaded without a caption either. He, however, recently made his feeling be known about receiving plague from Spotify every time he reaches a milestone.

On Wednesday, he posted a Story showing a screenshot that claimed he had become the first artist in history to surpass 75 billion streams on Spotify. According to ChartMasters, Drake actually has 55.1 billion streams on Spotify as a lead artist, but the Twitter account Chart Data claimed that across all of his musical credits, that figure is 75 billion.

Instead of expressing his gratitude, Drake joked that he's tired of receiving plagues and wants to be compensated with a "LeBron-sized check" instead, referring to NBA star LeBron James who is known for his towering figure. "We should get bonuses like athletes to motivate the future artists to be consistent and competitive," he wrote on his Story. "So feel free to send me a LeBron-sized check. I have enough dinner plates."

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