Gigi Hadid Gets Frightened of Facials, Only Has Treatment Once in Her Life

While talking about her beauty and wellness regime, the mother of one admits she prefers not to have facials because she's really uncomfortable with the treatment.

AceShowbiz - Gigi Hadid is scared of facials. Admitting she isn't a skincare expert, the 27-year-old model has only ever undergone the beauty treatment once in her life, before last year's Met Gala and she made sure she had the procedure carried out by someone she trusted, a therapist recommended by her sister, fellow model Bella Hadid.

"I'm not much of a skin-care guru. I'm terrified of facials. I've had one in my life, before the last Met Ball, because I went to someone who works on my sister and one of my best friends, and I really trust them. But I just like to keep it simple," she confessed to WSJ. magazine.

While she avoids facials, Gigi undergoes other wellness rituals, including visiting a chiropractor to "get recalibrated." She added, "Doing the job that I do, it can be very physical. Oh, I guess a New Year's resolution [I have] is I'll try to treat myself to a massage a little more."

When it comes to exercise, the 27-year-old beauty likes to involve her and ex-partner Zayn Malik's two-year-old daughter Khai. Discussing her exercise regime, she quipped, "Running after my two year old. We walk a lot. We do yoga together. With lifting her and running around all day and going to the park, I get moving."

Though she looks glamorous on the red carpet and the runway, the Guest in Residence founder admitted her wardrobe is much more low-key when she's not working. She said, "When I'm in Pennsylvania at my farmhouse, every day is sweatpants and a thermal shirt layered with a Guest in Residence sweater and cashmere socks."

"In New York, if it's a park day, I layer up, leggings under denim or sweats and then a thermal shirt or a sweater and my dad's vintage coat that I pretty much wear every day with a baseball cap. To go to work, I keep it pretty simple."

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