Kanye West Snaps at Paparazzo During Date With Bianca Censori
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The 'Donda' artist confronts a photographer during date night with his new wife, noting that celebrities should have been given a percentage of money made from paparazzi pictures and footage.

AceShowbiz - After staying lay-low, Kanye West was caught on camera having an argument with a paparazzo who disturbed his date with new wife Bianca Censori. In a video that circulated online, the "Gold Digger" hitmaker was seen calling out the pap for filming him without consent.

When the pap asked him about his honeymoon following his secret wedding to the Yeezy employee, Ye wasn't having it. "Stop, just stop," he demanded, before calling the person "antagonistic."

The cameraman later insisted that he "only needs just one shot." To that, the "Donda" artist responded, "You got the shot. But I'm saying, you don't even know. Y'all just jump up on people like this in the street just likeā€¦."

The Yeezy designer went on to rant, "You know the first time when I took medication, where I was? I got mad at the paparazzi. You know who the paparazzi was? The same one that shot Britney." It seemed like he was referring to the moment when Britney Spears shaved her head years ago.

"My dad did photography for newspapers. It has to be some kind of balance, some kind of conversation. I can't live in California and my life, like I'm some type of caged animal," he continued.

The hip-hop star also asked who the pap worked for, and the person said that he was independent. Kanye later stressed that celebrities didn't profit from pictures which were taken by paparazzi.

"The media doesn't have a right to just, boom, pop up," he added. "We ain't have no idea. Then I have no say so in the shot. It's not just that. It's the entire media. Y'all find out where we are at. Y'all take this photo. What percentage of the money do we get off these photos?"

At one point, the pap noted that it's not unlawful in California for him to take pictures of people in a public place. It led to a tense moment where Ye asked the photog if he would feel okay if he took his camera and took a picture of him. As the pap said no and backed down, Ye warned, "Let people know. Let all the paparazzi know. It's up."

Upon watching the clip, fans supported Ye as they urged people to respect others' privacy. "I agree with Kanye 10000000000000% it's harassment, stalking, invasion of privacy, you're using his likeness for monetary gain, that would drive me off the deep end too. It's overwhelming and under rewarding," one fan wrote on Instagram.

"You can hear that he is genuinely fed tf up..y'all wanted him to be quiet so leave him alone," another person said. Blasting the pap, one user added, " 'I stopped' and proceeds to record. NASTY WORK!"

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