Chrisean Rock Admits to Trying to Get Blueface's Attention With Her Antics

In a new episode of Zeus' 'Crazy in Love', the Baltimore native is seen sitting down with Dr. Ish during a therapy after Blueface suggests them to have one.

AceShowbiz - Chrisean Rock reflected on her anger issue in a new episode of Zeus' "Chrisean and Blueface: Crazy in Love". In the Sunday, January 22 episode, Chrisean was seen sitting down with Dr. Ish during a therapy after Blueface suggested them to have one.

During the session, Chrisean brought a bottle of liquor and a Red Bull. While discussing the "Thotiana" hitmaker, Chrisean gushed over him as she said that he has a "great heart" and called him "a great dude."

Later, Dr. Ish pointed out that Blueface's lack of commitment seemed to be a trigger point for her. "You're in love, and when stuff happens that looks like it's threatening that, it hurts your feelings," the therapist said, to which Chrisean replied, "Yeah, and I flip out."

She further admitted, "I might do certain things to get his attention, but that's only because I want it my way." When she was asked to elaborate her "flip outs," Chrisean said that her behavior is likely to have her put in jail.

"We want that to not happen, you know what I mean?" the therapist further questioned as the Baltimore native took a shot. In response to that, Chrisean said while laughing, "But the type of n***a he is, it got to happen."

Dr. Ish replied, "Does it though?" and Chrisean responded, "I don't know." When Dr. Ish asked, "Do you like it like that?" the femcee simply concluded, "It is what it is."

Fans had mixed responses to the therapy session. Some didn't take the therapy seriously and called it fake because it was made for TV. "There's a f**king camera there! This isnt therapy. This is pretend therapy for a a tv show," one fan said. Someone else added, "She needs a real therapist not a television therapist like no real therapist is going to allow her to sit and drink in their face. How weird."

Some others, meanwhile, doubted Dr. Ish's credibility. "Dr Ish fake af ! I said it . period . He a TV therapist made me feel stupid for wanting to save my marriage bk then during our talks acted like he wanted to help n didn't lol he care about looking good on Tv then was tweeting bulls**t ! Jus a fake dude he dnt care about Chrisean or blue them fake ass questions he want a check ! Since I understand reality TV this shit blows me Dr Fraud," Lyrica Anderson wrote in an Instagram comment.

"what therapist worth their degree allows a client to get drunk during a session? Its fake all for cameras and a check NEXT," another person slammed Dr. Ish. Echoing the sentiment, another added, "a real therapist wouldn't be okay with drinking during a session."

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