Raptress Slimeno Addresses Female Fan Touching Her Inappropriately

The 'Shabooya' hitmaker makes use of her Instagram account to share a clip taken from her recent event as she asks fans to respect her or any other artists.

AceShowbiz - Rising star Slimeno didn't always have a good experience while onstage. The "Shabooya" hitmaker turned to her Instagram account to share a clip taken from her recent event as she asked fans to respect her or any other artists.

In the video, Slime was seen performing her viral song "Shabooya" when an overzealous fan tapped her in between the legs. The femcee quickly covered her private parts and moved to the other side to avoid the fan while sporting an awkward smile."

"so i woke up to find out im going viral on tiktok n this shouldnt b taken lightly," so Slime wrote in the caption. "while im performing a girl touched my private area & as a survivor of SA i was mentally frozen n didnt react like i shouldve, even security didnt do they job!"

The musician went on to say, "i may have smiled but it was a nervous smile, i was not happy in the slightest. THIS IS NOT OK!! regardless of someones sexuality or whatever the case may b, u not entitled to touch ANYONE without consent PERIOD. hate i even gotta tell grown folks how to behave smh..."

A fan who originally shared the video on TikTok also added a message. The person urged people to "respect an artist when they performing don't feel entitled to touch on them especially they private areas."

Fans also denounced the touchy fan. "I'm so sorry this happened. Sending you love and comfort," one fan wrote. One other added, "Security had one job like literally ts just piss me off cuz anything could've happen n he literally stood dur."

Slamming the fan, an Instagram user said, "I don't even know why she thought that was okay in the first place. Who does that???" One person also criticized the security guard, noting, "Security too busy on his phone and drinking."

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